Eric Lupher
Executive Producer / Casting Director

Eric was introduced to the film world thanks to his two brothers. He made his film debut as one of the lead characters in the LA Motion Pix production of "Luther's Point". He also had principal roles in 48 Hour film Projects, "Time Changes Everything" and "Dead Vengeance". Eric had the experience of working on a campaign of Doritos commercials along side his brothers. Eric graduated with a degree in speech communications with an emphasis on broadcasting. He is currently a news producer/reporter at 7News in Denver. Eric's skills as a reporter makes his role as casting director for LA Motion Pix an easy choice. He has a keen eye for talent.

Eric takes on many roles within LA Motion Pix. He has been an integral part in composing music for several LA Motion Pix Films. He has been a singer since a child and keyboard player for 12 years. He loves to entertain. He wants to thank his family for never holding him back as he pursued his passion.