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When we set out to make "Bouquet Of Consequence" we knew we wanted to make people pause. From the beginning it was important to make people think about the issues they were experiencing rather than picking sides or voicing a strong opinion either way. This movie deals with a variety of complex issues most people will face in their lifetimes. Too often when faced with such dramatic events we find ourselves alone with our thoughts, alone with the choices, and the consequences of our actions are the burdens we bear.

In trying to keep "Bouquet Of Consequence" 'neutral' it was essential to have an open mind in the direction the movie would take. At first the script was written as a horror movie, playing up the extreme nightmares and aiming to keep the audience on their toes. Over time—together with the feedback from the team—the story dictated a more dramatic sensitivity towards the issues it aims to cover. Ultimately, we decided this was the greater challenge and with that, a greater reward and experience.

We hope the audience uses this movie as a catalyst of discussion rather than a solution to disagree with or support for that matter. But more than anything we hope to offer a beautiful slice of the realities of life. Inescapable choices that beg your fullest contemplation. In the end it's not the righteousness of our decisions but the spirit of our actions we have to face our bouquet of consequences.

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