Each day we make decisions affecting our lives. Every choice a direction in time, a path we choose to live. The consequences of these actions are ours alone, but even the best intentions can have unexpected results.

Rachel and Daniel are a responsible, likeable couple. They have a four year old daughter, Elizabeth, whom is very beautiful and very loved. Unfortunately, an accident forces the young couple into making a decision that will haunt them the rest of their lives.

Adding even more stress, Rachel and Daniel are also confronted with the ugly and even dangerous effects of dementia with Daniel's mother, Ellen. Ultimately, with Rachel's urging, Daniel decides to put Ellen in a rest-home after becoming a danger to herself and them. Psychological turmoil, guilt and nightmares are just some of the issues they encounter—each choosing to cope differently.

Rachel suffers from nightmares where the consequences of her actions are playing out in her mind, allowing us to question our own decisions and motivations behind the choices we make.